The importance of protein

the importance of protein infographic by PR supplement

The above pictured breaks it down into layman terms but we also wanted to emphasize that while the time you put into the gym & your daily lifestyle is important, it’s what you do outside of the gym/lifestyle that makes the biggest impact on achieving your goals. During exercise, you are tearing or breaking muscle fibers apart. Repairing these fibers (and growing them) requires protein. Our GrassFed Whey Protein provides a clean source of protein that can be taken anytime during the day to support lean muscle development.                                                                                                  

These are the Major Ingredients that we use to make PR supplement's GRASS FED WHEY                                                                                         

We use protein derived solely from cows who are pasture-raised with ample access to sunlight and grasses. We believe quality of life directly translates to the quality of product.  We wanted to ensure that the sweetener we used did not impact the body negatively so we used STEVIA LEAF EXTRACT which is a natural, sugar-free sweetener derived from the leaves of this South American plant. We also added  Monk Fruit Extract - A natural, sugar-free sweetener derived from the a melon like fruit. 

The Benefits of Muscle Growth

To maintain a healthy body, keep your weight in a healthy range, you need muscles to ensure your metabolism stays revving and muscles are the answer but you have to feed your muscles to grow them!

 "Protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss and a better looking body." To look more into how a high protein diet benefits you, read more from Healthline .


Our naturally low-carb formula makes this a great source of protein to take any time of day. Ready when you are! 



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