Omega-3 Ultra Strength Fish Oil
Omega-3 Ultra Strength Fish Oil

Omega-3 Ultra Strength Fish Oil

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  • Great Taste – We’ve included a drop of pure lemon oil in every capsule, so there’s never a fishy odor or taste.
  • Reduce Joint Discomfort* – Fish oil supplements have been clinically proven effective in helping relieve joint pain, strengthen bones, reduce inflammation, improve mood and relieve fatigue.
  • Improve Your Health* – Studies show that fish oil supplements also have promise for reducing anxiety and depression symptoms, and improving eye health and vision—all of which you may need to power through your next brutal session.

Fish oil is one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the world because it really works. Whether you’re pursuing a personal record or just want to improve your overall wellness, EPA and DHA-rich fish oil can be a powerful addition to your regimen.

If you’re considering a fish oil supplement, consider this. Most “big box” brands of fish oil offer very little EPA or DHA fatty acids—as little as 25 mg per serving. Omega-3 by PR supplement gives you a massive 432 mg of EPA and 288 mg DHA. That’s easily six times as much as many brands.

  • No more fish burps, thanks to the drop of pure lemon oil in every capsule
  • A bigger bang for your buck with higher concentrations of active ingredients
  • Faster recovery after strenuous workouts helps you crush every session, every day
  • A better mood and improved attention help keep your eyes on the prize
  • Reduced joint discomfort and inflammation help keep you comfortable, motivated and active
  • Easier fat loss and more effective muscle building help you get real results from every workout
  • Lowered heart attack and stroke risks thanks to lower cholesterol and triglycerides give you peace of mind